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Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is in complete violation of everything Onesta stands for. A woman must have the right to choose whether or not they want to be in the sex industry. A woman must have the right to work where and when they choose (legally), and they must have the right to choose who their customers are. The mongrels and scum that imprison and force women and children to perform sex acts while being abused, both physically and mentally are the lowest forms of human life and we at Onesta will always be ready to support any effort to put these vermin in jail and protect the innocent.

Physical Health

The risk of sexually transmitted diseases is one of the most engaging reasons for the legalization and regulation of the adult sex industry. In Nevada and around the world, all legal sex workers must submit to regular physical examinations and blood tests, performed by a licensed health-care worker. Rules are in place that require condoms, and dental dams for all organ contact. Patrons to these establishments have a visual inspection performed prior to any activities. We at Onesta provide education on the dangers of STD’s, how they are transmitted, how to protect themselves, and where to get tested.


Licensed brothels provide workers with a controlled environment to conduct business. In Nevada, doors and windows are typically locked and covered by surveillance cameras. Access is granted after ringing a doorbell and being lead into the building. These facilities are frequently visited and inspected by local law enforcement and some have trained security guards on-staff. Onesta provides woman literature on precautions to look for and advice to brothels on keeping a safe and secure work environment.

Mental Health and Addiction

Onesta partners with government and private facilities and professional mental health care workers to provide aid to women in the sex trade that have emotional issues caused by abuse, neglect, or chemical dependency. Through community and empowerment, women can find strength and guidance to a happier, healthier life.

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