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Nevada Brothel Workers Speak Out Against Bill That Attempts to Ban Legal Sensual Services

(Ray Hagar | Nevada Newsmakers) – A proposal to ban legal brothels in rural Nevada by a state senator from Clark County was met with opposition on Nevada Newsmakers last week by two legal sex workers from Lyon County.

“All of us who worked at the ranches are doing it by choice and it is what we want to do doing,” said Ruby Rae, a courtesan from the Bunny Ranch brothel. “We should be able to make that choice by ourselves.” . . .

Chuck Muth, president of Citizen Outreach and former campaign manger for deceased brothel kingpin Dennis Hof, said the proposal is another example of urban politicians dictating laws for rural Nevada.

“As we saw with the gun background initiative,16 out of 17 counties voted it down,” Muth said. “But Clark County had enough votes to overrule the rest of the state. So that’s why I think there is a danger here — that the Legislature is so overwhelmingly represented by Washoe County and Clark County — that they could force their will on the rural counties, even if the rural Nevada community doesn’t want it.” . . .

Alice Little, also a Bunny Ranch courtesan, said Hardy’s brothel ban is misdirected.

“I am really shocked and surprised,” Little said. “It is a misdirection of energy and effort. They are trying to say they are here to save and protect us from the brothel industry. But we are not asking for such. You cannot be an advocate for someone without their consent.

“We certainly have not asked them to come forward and take our jobs away from us. Instead, their energy and effort would be much more worthwhile if it was invested in the illegal services and sexual exploitation that is very real and does happen in Vegas.”

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