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TAKE ACTION NOW. Anyone who holds a Nevada Work Card can be compromised if this amendment is not included in SB388. ITS ABOUT YOUR PRIVACY.AND SAFETY.

Call TODAY. There’s only days to go before the end of session on Friday, So, SPEAK NOW.

SB388 intends to protect access to records but, in an oversight, does not include Work Card applications. That endangers workers and enables stalkers and others with criminal intent.

In Carson City one person has the ability to fix that easily and must do so! That person is Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro (D-Las Vegas).

Without Sen. Cannizzaro’s support right now – before the bill’s final version is voted on and the 2019 session ends – the casino workers and women who work in Nevada’s legal brothels risk having their personal information disclosed through a public records request.

To ask for Sen. Cannizzaro’s help on this issue, you can contact her office by calling (775) 684-1475 or email her at

Onesta Foundation Director, Bella Cummins, says, “No elected representative of the people should allow a law to get a vote if it puts people in harms way. Its a 4th Amendment issue. Government must be sure to protect “the right of the people to be secure in their houses,papers and effects.”

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