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Onesta Foudation Asks You to Give Your Input Before Oct. 5th

Onesta Foundation participated in the Adult Business Ordinances Workshop put on by City of Reno. We listened and gave our input and reject the proposed new adult ordiances that would displace workers and long time business. We ask you to give your input before October 5th 2018. You can click thru here to the online comment form.  
Here is a comment and a great suggestion from a well respected Friend of the Onesta Foundation…“I get the feeling that the city already sees this as a foregone conclusion, but I don’t see that they have given enough consideration to the needs of the dislocated workers and families who will be impacted most severely and suffer the harshest consequences”, said Kathryn McCool, Executive Director of the nonprofit, Reciprocity Inc, which helps men who have been incarcerated by providing a residential education community for them upon release. She went on to suggest, “A better course for the city might be to provide incentives, carrots rather than sticks, to assist both the businesses and the workers manage the negative impacts.” Click here to a media report on the workshop

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