About Madam Bella

Madam Bella came to Nevada from the Midwest as a young woman, studied in agriculture and business and ready for whatever the Silver State had to offer. She opened her first business in Carson City with her savings from a series of regular jobs. She built it up, sold it and went back to school. Now, being more ready than ever, she went back into business. This time she took a carefully calculated risk and purchased a legal brothel, the Hacienda Ranch, where two major highways intersect in Wells, Nevada. There she found the niche and a calling that challenged and sharpened every one of her considerable talents. Over time, it also afforded her the inspiration to make a difference one could only make in Nevada.

Madam Bella has a vision and states that her mission is to “empower women working in the sex industry by choice to be catalysts for something so necessary, and that is an understanding of human sexual desires, and for all genders to realize that without safe, nonjudgmental sexual interaction we may never evolve to our full potential as an intelligent species.”

Madam Bella's Hacienda is a legal brothel located in Wells, Nevada. It has been owned and operated by Madam Bella for over 34 years. Madam Bella is proprietor of the only woman-owned brothel in Nevada and her business hosts over 7300 patrons per year. Over her years in business, Madam Bella's business has hosted more than a quarter of a million customers.

Located in a small town in the middle of Nevada, customers and workers find Madam Bella's online, word of mouth, and through referral. She promotes a pervasive use of the Law of Attraction through employees, customers, and quantum physics.

Madam Bella is full of intelligence, respect, warmth, and wisdom. She runs her life with honesty, introspection, high standards and a spirituality that pervades the place and creates a positive environment. Madam Bella's professionalism is contagious.

When she came to northern Nevada 40 years ago, Madam Bella’ entrepreneurial nature, her gift for authentic human relations, and willingness to take on unique challenges guided her to great success in her chosen field. As she found success, she was also inspired to share her lessons of life and business, learned, and hard earned, with Nevada teachers and students as a 300-level guest lecturer in eastern Nevada’s higher education community. 

Some of her works have been documented by media outlets such as TBS, HBO, and the Wall Street Journal. Along the way, she mentored and guided thousands of female entrepreneurs who came to her to build careers in Nevada’s enlightened, yet challenged, legal Sensual Services industry. 

Madam Bella's story will be included in a scholarly book about the new approaches to research, and new ways of understanding the sex industry. Her unique position as an owner and manager of a brothel in a unique legal system and having done it for so many years give Madam Bella a distinctive ability to contribute to the understanding of a unique business. Her methodology can be applied to any business.

With knowledge and collaboration, her design is to communicate and educate the public to modify perception and bring stakeholders in both public and private sectors together to strategically manage a new direction that will ensure that Nevada’s Sensual Services industry is a blueprint for the world.

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