About the Onesta Foundation

Founder Madam Bella has mentored and guided thousands of female entrepreneurs who came to her to build careers in Nevada’s enlightened, yet challenged, legal Sensual Services industry. 

In a career field where there are no institutional assets for education, Madam Bella became dedicated to a mission of education and inspiration for generations. Inspired by a successful Venetian renaissance movement in the 1500s called the Onesta, which sought to improve the health and safety of society by elevating the avocation of the courtesan with education and cultural refinement, Ms. Cummins has incorporated the Nevada nonprofit Onesta Foundation to educate and advocate for a Sensual Services industry that surpasses the original Onesta in benefit to community, to workers and to future generations of Nevadans. 

Currently, the foundation is participating in a documentary production for international distribution and facilitating research projects for teams from UNR and Baylor University studying aspects of occupational stigma and gathering first-hand data of workers’ perceptions of opportunities in the legal Sensual Services industry. 

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