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The Onesta Foundation Mission:

The Onesta Foundation is a Nevada non-profit with a mission to provide awareness and advocacy for a fun, safe, healthy, and transparent adult sensual services industry in the great state of Nevada and to promote legalization across the United States and the World!  We provide resources designed to improve working conditions, public understanding of the industry, and the many positive impacts of the adult sensual services industry on the health and safety of community, patrons, and courtesans.

Our Founder: Bella Cummins

Bella is the owner and operator of Bella’s Hacienda Ranch, a legal brothel in Wells, Nevada. She was a poor, hard-working single mother when she married a man who happened to own a brothel as a side business. She took over the brothel after his death, and after 34 years, Bella is among the longest-serving madams in the world. She may have founded the Onesta Foundation, but it’s not hers. It is for courtesans to gain a collective, focused voice to speak from, as well as provide support for them and give them power. Her ultimate agenda is “to radically and absolutely change 21st-century society’s regard for, and treatment of, the world’s oldest profession. The need for physical intimacy is an essential human need, and suppressing it has severely negative effects for individuals and society as a whole.”

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