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HITTING PRINT IN FALL 2020: The provocative autobiography: AMERICAN MADAM   Nevada brothel owner-operator Bella Cummins set to release memoir and manifesto advocating female empowerment via sex for money     RENO, Nev. — Why another book on the world’s oldest profession? Why another insider’s look at the business of sex for sale? Why another… read more

Sex Work Debate: Should prostitution be a normal profession?

(BBC Business Daily) – What’s the best way to help sex workers? We hear the cases for full decriminalisation, versus abolition of what’s often dubbed the world’s oldest profession. In the Netherlands – a country with some of the most liberal laws on prostitution – a petition is due to be debated in parliament that calls… read more

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Thank you, your effort made the difference!

Thanks to your quick response to our social media call-to-action, and the effort you made to contact Nevada legislators and express your opinion, Amendment 437 was accepted and written into the final draft to Senate Bill 388, which revises provisions to public records. Now, with the governor’s signature, our state government is more transparent than… read more

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TAKE ACTION NOW. Anyone who holds a Nevada Work Card can be compromised if this amendment is not included in SB388. ITS ABOUT YOUR PRIVACY.AND SAFETY. Call TODAY. There’s only days to go before the end of session on Friday, So, SPEAK NOW. SB388 intends to protect access to records but, in an oversight, does… read more

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The Double Shift: Episode 4: Mamas of the Brothels. Balancing Stigmatized Work & Motherhood

The Double Shift is a national podcast, hosted Katherine Goldstein,  about modern working mothers. Goldstein, an award-winning journalist at the Washington Post and herself a mother, explains, “It’s not about parenting or kids, but the real, three-dimensional stories of moms who work — from the campaign trail to the legal brothels of Nevada and everywhere in between.”… read more


Bella Cummins, Executive Directorof the OOnesta Foundation and licensed owner of the Bella’s View PostHacienda Ranch brothel, sees a new direction for Nevada’s regulated Sensual Services industry as a blueprint. “Your team just won the Superbowl, Robert Kraft! What are you going to do next?” One thing we know, he didn’t go to Disneyland. You have… read more

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