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By Executive Director Bella Cummins “Yet again, I am reminded of Jason Guinasso’s misunderstanding of this subject matter. I understand his wanting to lash out and fix something that he thinks is wrong. However, it’s confused. Once again, with loaded verbiage, he fails to understand the difference between the nature of legal courtesanship in Nevada… read more

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Anti-Nevada Sex Puritans Set Sights on Wrong Target

February 17, 2019 (Chuck Muth) – About the worst thing you can do when it comes to the horrific crime of sex trafficking – especially of underage girls – is to trivialize it through absurdity.  Yet that’s exactly what the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCSE), formerly “Morality in Media,” did earlier this month. As reported… read more

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Sensual Services Reduce Human Traffiking

    All Nevadans derive and enjoy heath and public safety benefits thanks to the certified sensual services workers in legal brothels. The data shows that well regulated courtesanship brings sharp declines in sex crimes and health issues, by Alex Tabarrok October 31, 2017 at 7:34 am in Economics Law.       

The Madame Speaks

Bella Cummins, Onesta Foundation Exec. Dir, and Madame/Sole Proprietor of Bella’s Hacienda Ranch brothel in Wells, Nevada, speaks with the Nevada Talk Network in a statewide radio conversation with morning show anchor, Kevin Wall. What is the true value of Nevada’s Adult Sensual Services Industry? A great conversation!

We have been asked our thoughts re: the Dennis Hof investigation. Here you go…

  The Onesta Foundation promotes honesty, integrity and transparency, so if a crime is alleged, we support the Nevada Department of Public Safety investigative process and will suspend judgement until the facts are known. We find it regrettable, tho, that the charges, and the media attention Mr. Hof’s actions have brought, only serve to reinforce… read more

Nevada’s Safe and Healthy Legal Sex Industry Under the National Microscope.

This story has now gone national. Nevada’s safe and health legal sex industry will be under the microscope. There is room for important improvements. Join with the Onesta Foundation’s campaign for a better legal sex industry. Visit our FB page and explore our website,, for more information. According to his campaign, Hof ‘completely and totally… read more

Onesta Foundation Stands for Transparency in Nevada’s Legal Sex Industry.

LEGISLATURE | SEX INDUSTRY Nevada Department of Public Safety investigating sexual assault allegations against brothel owner Dennis Hof The Nevada Department of Public Safety says it is investigating sexual assault allegations against Republican Assembly candidate and brothel owner Dennis Hof. The agency, which generally serves as a force multiplier upon request of other agencies and… read more

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