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Thank you, your effort made the difference!

Thanks to your quick response to our social media call-to-action, and the effort you made to contact Nevada legislators and express your opinion, Amendment 437 was accepted and written into the final draft to Senate Bill 388, which revises provisions to public records. Now, with the governor’s signature, our state government is more transparent than… read more

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The Double Shift: Episode 4: Mamas of the Brothels. Balancing Stigmatized Work & Motherhood

The Double Shift is a national podcast, hosted Katherine Goldstein,  about modern working mothers. Goldstein, an award-winning journalist at the Washington Post and herself a mother, explains, “It’s not about parenting or kids, but the real, three-dimensional stories of moms who work — from the campaign trail to the legal brothels of Nevada and everywhere in between.”… read more


Bella Cummins, Executive Directorof the OOnesta Foundation and licensed owner of the Bella’s View PostHacienda Ranch brothel, sees a new direction for Nevada’s regulated Sensual Services industry as a blueprint. “Your team just won the Superbowl, Robert Kraft! What are you going to do next?” One thing we know, he didn’t go to Disneyland. You have… read more

SAFETY FIRST After Patriots’ Owner Robert Kraft’s Arrest, Sex Workers Call to Legalize Prostitution

NOTE: In the perspective of the Onesta Foundation, the word ‘prostitution’ should apply only to the illegal trade. ‘Courtesanship’ is the prefered term that implies the dignity in the arts of Sensual Services. “Making sex work illegal doesn’t stop the need for human intimacy, it just sends those who need it underground.” -Aurora Snow   03.09.19 2:00… read more

Sensual Services Reduce Human Traffiking

    All Nevadans derive and enjoy heath and public safety benefits thanks to the certified sensual services workers in legal brothels. The data shows that well regulated courtesanship brings sharp declines in sex crimes and health issues, by Alex Tabarrok October 31, 2017 at 7:34 am in Economics Law.       

We have been asked our thoughts re: the Dennis Hof investigation. Here you go…

  The Onesta Foundation promotes honesty, integrity and transparency, so if a crime is alleged, we support the Nevada Department of Public Safety investigative process and will suspend judgement until the facts are known. We find it regrettable, tho, that the charges, and the media attention Mr. Hof’s actions have brought, only serve to reinforce… read more

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