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Sex Work Debate: Should prostitution be a normal profession?

(BBC Business Daily) – What’s the best way to help sex workers? We hear the cases for full decriminalisation, versus abolition of what’s often dubbed the world’s oldest profession. In the Netherlands – a country with some of the most liberal laws on prostitution – a petition is due to be debated in parliament that calls… read more

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By Executive Director Bella Cummins “Yet again, I am reminded of Jason Guinasso’s misunderstanding of this subject matter. I understand his wanting to lash out and fix something that he thinks is wrong. However, it’s confused. Once again, with loaded verbiage, he fails to understand the difference between the nature of legal courtesanship in Nevada… read more

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Nevada’s Safe and Healthy Legal Sex Industry Under the National Microscope.

This story has now gone national. Nevada’s safe and health legal sex industry will be under the microscope. There is room for important improvements. Join with the Onesta Foundation’s campaign for a better legal sex industry. Visit our FB page and explore our website,, for more information. According to his campaign, Hof ‘completely and totally… read more

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