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For sex workers, by sex workers.

We at the Onesta Foundation have three core areas in achieving advocacy for sex workers:

  • Building safe pathways from illegal, to legal sex work.
  • Improved relationships with law enforcement and regulators
  • Improved inter-industry communication and collaboration.

In order to achieve this, we are attempting to partner with brothels all over Nevada as well as the Red Umbrella Fund, which focuses on international advocacy for sex workers!

In fact, our Executive Director and Founder, a female proprietor of one of Nevada’s legal brothels, Bella Cummins, perfectly summarized our outlook:

“Like the state of Nevada, the Onesta Foundation sees legal sex work as a valued service that has helped many to step into the light. These women often act in a role similar to a therapist and work in emotional areas that transcend two bodies coming together. That’s an important benefit that needs more discussion. Every one of us is fragile and need love. Legal sex work is one opportunity to feel a good helping people become more comfortable in their own skin.”

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