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Onesta is focused on the legalization of the sex industry. Both expanding in Nevada, and beyond to the rest of the United States and the world. Just like other industries that went from illegal and without regulation, to profitable business enterprises, so must sex workers have a path to legitimacy. To reduce the spread of disease, reduce abuse, reduce the number of women being marched through the police stations and courtrooms, and to help combat human trafficking, we must remove the stigma Hollywood has placed on us and give these women a voice.

What we promote and what we are asking from lawmakers is more than making this industry legal, but to also provide regulation, oversite, and enforcement. In order to empower women to make their own choices and be successful, they need the tools to be successful. They need to be safe from human trafficking. They need to be safe from abuse. They need a platform to be heard and represented. They need legal protections under the law when their rights have been violated.

The patrons of these women need protection as well. Face it, sex, sensual desires, the need for intimacy and human contact will always be in the top 3 of the basic needs. No amount of laws have ever made a positive impact. Instead, STD’s spreads, lives are ruined, there are muggings and murders on both sides. Law enforcement resources are used to restrict the most basic of human functions instead of protecting citizens from those who really do mean to harm others. The criminals win and the people making a living performing a natural act of life are the victims.

Look around the world at other countries where the adult sex industry is regulated. We are not talking about the places that it just hasn’t been defined as illegal, but countries where they realized that this is a real profession that has hundreds of thousands of people already doing illegal activity and no amount of enforcement, task forces, or crackdowns will ever make a dent. Worse yet, by doing so, they only strengthen the criminal element, broaden the influence of human sex traffickers, and expand the spread of STD’s by having no controls or testing requirements. Look at the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and New Zealand. They have laws protecting the workers and the customers. Health screening, oversights, and campaigns to remove the stigma that has been placed over the last few hundred years. Brothels are used by mental health professionals as therapy and some countries even subsidize visits for people with disabilities.

We want to work with law makers to help create the legislation that will once and for all empower this working class of amazing women

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