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The Double Shift: Episode 4: Mamas of the Brothels. Balancing Stigmatized Work & Motherhood

The Double Shift is a national podcast, hosted Katherine Goldstein,  about modern working mothers. Goldstein, an award-winning journalist at the Washington Post and herself a mother, explains, “It’s not about parenting or kids, but the real, three-dimensional stories of moms who work — from the campaign trail to the legal brothels of Nevada and everywhere in between.”

In Episode 4: Mamas of the Brothels, Double Shift talks to “moms, madams and experts to explore the perks and pitfalls of being a working mom when your office is a legal brothel,” including interviews with courtesans from the Mustang and Sagebrush ranches. It’s an extremely professional program that speaks honest truth about the women who work safely and lawfully in Nevada’s legal brothels.


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