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The Basics

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What is a Courtesan? There are many titles that have been used in history to describe the sex worker. Prostitute, call-girl, escort, hooker, and working girl to name just a few.

In classic times, the definition of a Courtesan was the upper-class escort to the rich and powerful. Today, we use the Courtesan title to describe the modern provider of sensual services and companionship. From a therapist or friend that listens and provides understanding and comfort, that perfect date that hangs on your every word, a role-play partner that brings a dream to reality, and of course, a provider of touch, passion, and intercourse that is instinctive to almost every living creature, these woman fill a need in our lives.

This is an industry of women who are paid to become, for a short period of time, someone to their customer that they are unable to find through the normal interactions with others.

The Law

Nevada is the only state in the United States where it is both legal to take money for sexual companionship and to pay someone to engage in sexual contact with you. There are many places in the United States and the world where it is legal to do one, but not the other.

Even in Nevada, it is only legal in counties with less than 700,000 people. You are also required to be affiliated with a state-licensed brothel. It is illegal to engage in sexual contact with a customer, outside of these brothels. Currently, seven counties in Nevada have operating brothels.

Who makes a good Courtesan?

Many women enter the profession strictly for financial reasons and just like any line of work, if that is your only motivation, while you may accomplish some short term needs, in the big picture, if you are not finding something that is fulfilling and enjoying, you won’t make it long.

If you enjoy meeting people, get ready to meet people from every walk of life. If you are a pleaser and find gratification in making people happy, that is every day. Can you be seductive, adaptable, accommodating, in control, and playful? That is the secret to success.

If you are shy, modest, insecure, judgmental, or untrustworthy, then maybe think again.

You will be an independent business person. Setting rates, negotiating with clients, managing your time and money. You will need to engage in marketing yourself through social media, email, and photos.

If you are being forced to look at this line of work by another person, against your will, or know someone that is, please find a member of law enforcement, find someplace safe, call the Human Trafficking Hotline at 1 (888) 373-7888, or tell someone you need help.

How to become a legal sex worker in Nevada

Do some research, check out the websites of the brothels and see what resonates with you. Apply for the job. Most brothels have an application and interview process. You will be representing a business that wants to make sure you have the attitude do be successful. It’s never all about age or looks. There is a market for every shape, size, race, and age. Everyone is desirable to someone and everyone with a positive attitude will find a place they are welcome.

Some things you must have to start:

  1. Obtain a state business license. You are an independent contractor and must have a business license with the State of Nevada. The cost is $200.00 per year.
  2. Obtain a sheriffs or local law enforcement registration card. In most counties you must register with the local police department and pay a fee. Picture ID and Social Security Card are required. They will perform a background check. Some criminal history may exclude you from getting a card. This varies between jurisdictions.
  3. Get a physical examination and tested. Each will have an authorized medical practice where you will have a weekly check-up and a monthly blood test.
  4. In some locations you can be 18 years old and others require you to be 21 years of age.

The whole process can be completed in 24 hours. 

How does a Brothel in Nevada work?

Sex Workers are not employed by the brothel, instead, each person is a contractor and enters into an agreement with the brothel to provide a share of their earnings in exchange for a room, use of the facilities, and the opportunity to solicit and negotiate with the customers of that brothel. The brothel is responsible to verify that each person maintains all licenses, permits, and health certificates required by the laws of the county and city they reside in.

Different counties have different laws that must be followed. There are rules on where and how you can advertise and rules about where and how rates are discussed. There are laws that describe the limitations of the sexual encounter and mandate the use of protection against any possibility of sexually transmitted disease.

Brothels also have rules that must be followed. These can include mandating a minimum amount of time you must be available for line-ups or mingling. No smoking in the house, or no drug use on any kind. Restrictions on the consumption of alcohol. Some require you to stay for a minimum amount of time, for example, 2-weeks.

You will typically be assigned a private room for your use while in the house. You can decorate to your tastes. This is where you will sleep and entertain your clients.

The house will typically have a living area for the workers. A community kitchen, dining area, common room, laundry facilities, and a fitness area.

Potential clients, men or woman, can be from many sources. From a walk-in, or contact via social media, or from references. Upon arriving at the brothel, the client will be met at the door by a host or hostess. Clients that arrive at the brothel without having pre-arranged to meet a particular worker will be asked if they would like to see a line-up. All available Courtesans will assemble and introduce themselves. The client can either pick someone from the line-up and begin a conversation and a potential negotiation, or the patron may elect to remain and mingle in the bar or seating area for the opportunity to speak with multiple women.

Each Courtesan is responsible for negotiating with their client. How much she charges, how long they spend together, and what activities take place. These activities could include a massage, talking, snuggling, dinner, intercourse, or anything someone could imagine.

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