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Over the last few thousand years, millions of women have engaged, either part or full time, as a paid-for service sex worker. In many societies, it was unregulated, but not illegal. Hollywood, organized crime, and human sex-traffickers have put a dark stigma on what was once an accepted way of life. In many countries around the world, sex workers enjoy the support of their governments and law-makers and find the independence to take support themselves and their families. You will even learn as you read on that there are countries that subsidize disabled individuals to visit sex workers, as sex is a natural desire of almost all living creatures and everyone should have the ability to experience that part of life, regardless.

Onesta empowers women by providing them the knowledge of how to become a licensed sex worker, where they can find employment, and where they can find help. We continually work to educate society and lawmakers on the facts about these women and the lives they choose to live. We are here to give these women a voice, a community, and a place to be represented.


For the reformation and modernization of the sex worker industry through awareness and knowledge. To remove the stigma and differentiate between a safe and regulated trade vs. illegal solicitation and sex-trafficking. To provide women with a resource to have their questions answered on how to become a licensed sex worker in Nevada communities and for all future states that recognize the truth about the industry. Finally, to champion legislation to provide a safe and regulated environment for the hundreds of thousands of women working without a voice, without a safe environment, and without legal protection.


The Onesta Foundation was created by professional Courtesans for all professional Courtesan’s. Our stories are real. Our voice is important. We at the Onesta Foundation celebrate all the woman around the world, both present and past, that have found independence, and financial freedom as a legal member of the sex worker community. Through shared stories, peer support, and guidance, Onesta will remove the vail, and empower all women who want to find their path as a Courtesan.

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