Q & A

Why is the success of legalization contingent on regulation?

Legalization is the first step, but it is only half of the equation. Regulation ensures background checks, business licenses for sex workers, weekly medical checks, and monthly blood work checks. Regulation ensures safety for the sex worker and for the clients. Regulation also makes each sex worker an independent contractor with all the duties and benefits of entrepreneurship. Sex workers would write off their expenses and pay taxes on their revenue. Legalization and regulation ensure high standards and professionalism.

How does legalization and regulation benefit the public?

Legalization and regulation gives independent sex workers a legal format to follow and legitimizes them as a sole proprietor within a service business. Clients may attain services without fear of arrest, embarrassment, or ruination.

Won’t legalization and regulation promote human trafficking?

Human trafficking will always be illegal because it is kidnapping and slavery. Legal prostitution is done by willing participants who adhere to stringent guidelines and pay taxes on their revenue.

Isn’t legalizing and regulating prostitution making a moral statement about us as a country?

Clients and sex workers are not doing anything that is not happening in bedrooms all over the world. Human touch and sensuality are the backbone of humanity. One can make a moral judgement on anything but unless what happens in the bedroom is illegal, sex workers and clients should be able to engage freely, safely, and legally.

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