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We are people who understand the Sensual Services industry in Nevada and advocate for those who choose to find their own power within it.  Learn more about how we are helping sex workers, often stereotyped and ignored, find their voices in the important conversations about empowerment and human relations.


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I’m Not Exploited!


“I’m not ‘exploited.’ I’m not ‘trafficked.’ I’m not ‘brainwashed.’ I don’t need to be ‘saved.’ I’ve freely chosen this line of work, which is a legal, private transaction between consenting adults.”

-Paris Envy, Professional Courtesan

Exactly What Is Needed


As someone who has seen how horrible things can become due to sex work being stigmatized and not legalized, I support all agencies which advocate for the better treatment of all those impacted by the industry.

Moreover, the goal to go beyond the removal of stigma and to seek political action as well as enrich the lives of sex workers goes above and beyond the call of duty many other organizations are pursuing!

Keep at it and good luck Onesta!


-Christopher Towers, MPH

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