Working for a Legal Adult Sex Services Industry

Lots of changes coming! Onesta is launching a new bold, and impactful mission.

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Why it is Time for Change

Why it is Time for Change

Legalization Platform

Legalization Platform

~Building safe pathways from illegal, to safe and legal sexual services work.
~Improved relationships with law enforcement and regulators

Book Announcement

Book Announcement

Nevada brothel owner-operator Bella Cummins
set to release memoir and manifesto advocating
female empowerment via sex for money

Nevada Adult Sex Industry

Nevada Adult Sex Industry

Information for woman interested in becoming a Legal Sexual Services Industry worker in Nevada.

Why the Onesta Foundation?

Informed people advocating for a legal choice!

Inspired by Previous Examples

Inspired by the 500-years-old tale of Venice regulating courtesans to begin enriching and empowering the lives of sex workers.

  • Lowers the Stigma Attached to Sex Work
  • Aides the Pursuit of Education
  • Ensures a Healthy Quality of Life
  • Advocates Personal Empowerment
  • Works Toward Permanent Reform

Exactly What Is Needed


As someone who has seen how horrible things can become due to sex work being stigmatized and not legalized, I support all agencies which advocate for the better treatment of all those impacted by the industry. Moreover, the goal to go beyond the removal of stigma and to seek political action as well as enrich… read more

-Christopher Towers, MPH
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