Promoting the Legalization & Regulation of Prostitution

“Decriminalization of prostitution must include licensing, regulation including medical testing and payment of taxes by independent workers. Prostitution regulations should not penalize the sex worker or the client.”

- Madam Bella

Madam Bella, Madam Bella’s Hacienda, Wells, Nevada

Madam Bella, Madam Bella’s Hacienda, Wells, Nevada

The Onesta Foundation

Our mission is to provide awareness and advocacy for promotion of the legalization and regulation of prostitution.

Bella’s Hacienda, Wells, Nevada

The need for physical intimacy is an essential human need, and suppressing it has severely negative effects for individuals and society as a whole.

- Madam Bella

Legalization and Regulation will promote health and safety:

  • Government oversight and regulations increase the safety of courtesans
  • Empowerment of women to make money and own their own business
  • Protections for courtesans when their rights are violated
  • Reduce the spread of disease
  • Reduce human trafficking

Facts About the Industry

 The current situation and all its negative impacts will continue without legalizing and regulating the business.
Content warning: fact boxes mention death, sexual assault and rape.

45 to 75%

Sex workers across the globe have a 45-75% chance of experiencing sexual violence during their career. 1

204 out of 100,000

Sex work is one of the most dangerous professions. Death rates are higher for prostitutes than Alaskan Fisherman or loggers. 2

13 times

Sex workers are thirteen times more likely to become HIV positive than adults in the general population. 3

24 and 30%

24% of street sex workers and 30% of exotic dancers who reported being raped identified a police officer as their rapist. 4

Legalization and regulation will ensure safety for all.

"Sex workers are not doing anything that isn’t happening legally in bedrooms everywhere. It is time to make prostitution legal and regulated."

- Madam Bella

Hear from actual courtesans!

I'm Not Exploited!

“I’m not ‘exploited.’ I’m not ‘trafficked.’ I’m not ‘brainwashed.’ I don’t need to be ‘saved.’ I’ve freely chosen this line of work, which is a legal, private transaction between consenting adults.”

Paris Envy

Professional Courtesan


Exactly What Is Needed

The goal to go beyond the removal of stigma and to seek political action as well as enrich the lives of sex workers goes above and beyond the call of duty many other organizations are pursuing!

Christopher Towers



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